Monday, April 23, 2012

This past week, I was able to get a lot more done at my history internship than I have in quite a while. I spent 7-8 hours total on my internship this week. I went into the University Archives Office for about 4 hours during the week, and I was able to finish my work on the library course bulletins. Dr. Roberts had asked me to review the course bulletins from the 1870s through 1930, and throughout the course of the semester, I managed to complete this task. This week, I looked through the course bulletins between 1925-1930. 

In my work last week, I learned that Phillip W. Froebes, S.J. became the Librarian in 1923. By 1926, Froebes had become the "Chairman of the Library Board." Kathy and I discussed whether this was because the title of librarian was shared by multiple people or whether the tasks of a librarian were shared between multiple people. In my research, I noticed that each college (Sociology, Downtown Campus, Law, Medicine, Dental, etc.) had its own librarian. As a result, Froebes was likely the Librarian of the College of Arts and Sciences and also the head librarian over all these other librarians. Consequently, he was the "Chairman of the Library Board." 

Also in my work on the course bulletins, I noticed an interesting development in the library. In the 1928-29 academic year course bulletin, the library suddenly dropped from 90000 volumes to 50000. The Chicago Public Library also dropped roughly 150000 volumes. While these numbers had not been updated in a few years, this seems like an extreme drop in both library systems. Kathy, Ashley, and I discussed this, and while the large drop in Loyola's library's # of volumes could be explained by the library moving from one campus to another, we were unable to come up with any explanation for the huge drop in the number of volumes that the Chicago Public Library owned. 

After working on the course bulletins, I was able to find two books in Rare Books that were in St. Ignatius' initial library catalogue. These books are Townsend's 1724 translation of Historia de la Conquista de Mexico and Winstanley's 1684 book England's Worthies: Select Lives of the Most Eminent Persons of the English Nation. 

Dr. Roberts also had Zorian and I working on the subject metadata for the digital catalogue when the library catalogue is uploaded in the Fall. We are also writing subject descriptions for the various headings of the catalogue. Zorian focused on Theology and Philosophy, and I focused on Literature and History. These are just a paragraph or two descriptions of what the library had in each collection in its first library catalogue. These are meant to give a general overview of what topics were considered important by the Jesuits as they built the early library at St. Ignatius College. I should be done with my subject descriptions early this week. 

Anyway, that is all for this week. I will be spending this coming week finding books that I have previously researched on Pegasus and checking if these books have the St. Ignatius College stamp on them. Thanks for reading!

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