Monday, April 16, 2012

Last week was another abbreviated week, but luckily I actually know I will have free time this coming week. During my work last week, I spent around 2 hours in the University Archives Office reviewing the course bulletins from Loyola from 1918-1925. While little information was provided during this period about the library, and much of the information provided was recycled from previous year's entries, the library did expand from 70000 to 90000 volumes during this period. The library also had a new librarian every year from 1919-1923. This likely shows why the library did not have new information each year, as new librarians might be unable to assess the library in the way that a tenured librarian might. It was also interesting to see how Loyola's librarians also served in a variety of different roles. Some librarians were only the librarian, but most of them served as a professor of a certain subject, such as French, German, History, or Physics, or the librarian served as an advisor to the students. It was interesting for me to see how librarians came from a variety of different fields. 

Also during my time looking at the course bulletins, I was able to find more information on a book, or series of volumes, from the late-sixteenth century. In previous versions of the course bulletin, St. Ignatius College was described as having a copy of the New Testament in 12 languages from 1589. In the years I reviewed, however, it included the new detail of this being in four volumes. With this new detail, Kathy and I were able to find the book in Rare Books. 

Since this was an abbreviated week, I didn't have much time to do much more than this. I decided to do a quick review of the pages of the catalogue that I had looked up to make sure that I had not missed anything. I noticed that a four volume copy of Arthur Helps' The Spanish Conquest of America, a book published in 1855, is in Cudahy's Main Stacks. There are a couple other books like this within the pages I looked up, but this seemed to be the rarest of the books in the Main Stacks. I figured I would talk to Kathy about if these books should be moved to Rare Books. 

That is all for this week. This week will be heavily dedicated to working on the internship, and consequently I should have a ton to post about next week. I will be in Archives at least a few hours this week, and I plan to go in on Monday for at least 2 hours. Thanks for reading. 

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