Sunday, April 29, 2012

During my last week of my history internship, I spent a few hours at the University Archives and Special Collections Office researching the books that I had previously searched on Pegasus. These books were either in the Rare Book room in the Archives Office, Deck E, the Library Storage Facility, or the Main Stacks. I was surprised by how many of the books I was researching were in the Main Stacks. Since all of these books were from the 1870s or earlier, it is a little bizarre to see a decent amount of them in general circulation.

I was surprised by how well organized the Jesuits were in their stamping of the books. In contrast to the location of the Cudahy Library stamp within the books, the Jesuits put all of the St. Ignatius College Library stamps on the title pages of the books. This made them very easy to find, and this seemed to be the case for all of the books that I looked at.

It was cool to see the Library Storage Facility, a place I had never been before. It is a huge storage space, and it was weird to see the contrast between the openness of the storage facility compared to the closed rooms of the library. It seemed like the storage facility actually had more books than the library itself, but I am sure that is probably not true.

Anyway, I have included a few images of the St. Ignatius College library stamps within specific books below. It was interesting to see how well preserved many of the books were, and it was also somewhat of a surprise, especially due to the age of some of these books.

That is all for this blog. I want to thank everyone who has read this blog for their interest in my work. I would also like to thank Dr. Roberts and Kathy Young for this opportunity. Zorian Sasyk has also been helpful to me throughout this semester, and it has been great partnering with him on this project. I had a great time this semester, and I found an area of interest which I did not expect to enjoy nearly as much as I did. I hope whoever chooses to continue the work that Zorian, Kathy, Dr. Roberts and I have done in the fall can build on it and get the catalogue published. 

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