Monday, March 12, 2012

After a week off for Spring Break, I will be returning to my normal routine this coming week. Since we had a week off for Spring Break, this post is about the week prior to Spring Break, February 27-March 2. Since I had only worked 3 hours the previous week, I spent 7 hours working for the internship during this week - 4 hours and 15 minutes in University Archives, and 2 hours and 45 minutes on researching the books from the initial library catalogue of St. Ignatius College.

During my time in the University Archives Office, I pieced through the course catalogues from 1914-1915 to 1920-1921. There wasn't a ton of information that was particularly interesting during these years, but a couple of things struck me. In 1919-20, the library is suddenly up to 70000 volumes from 50000 (which was last mentioned in 1916-17). Additionally in 1919-20, there is a list of what were considered to be the rarest books in Loyola's collection. I have mentioned many of these volumes in earlier posts, but I noticed something new which I did not recognize. The catalogue notes a "rare copy of Lactantius," but it does not provide any additional information. After a little google search of Lactantius, I learned that he was a 3rd and 4th century Christian writer who served as an aide to Constantine. Kathy and I did a little research and found a few titles that could fit this description, and two of these titles had a St. Ignatius College stamp in them, but it is impossible to tell which title the course catalogue references.

Additionally in my time at the University Archives Office, I spent a couple hours researching the history of Jesuit colleges in the U.S., specifically the 10 or so colleges listed in competitions with St. Ignatius College in the course catalogues. Much of my research focused on St. Mary's College in Kansas, which closed at some point, likely in the early-twentieth century. Due to internet difficulties in the Archives Office and very little information available on St. Mary's College, this was all I was able to find: I also did some research on Sacred Heart College in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. It was a college for 9 years, closed, and later reopened as both a high school and a college. It was eventually renamed Campion College. Campion closed in the 1970s, but it was interesting to find out that Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, attended Campion. Here is some information on Campion:

Finally during this week, I spent a couple hours researching the volumes listed in the original library catalogue. To name a couple of the interesting titles I found, I found a biography of George Washington - Life of George Washington in Latin prose by Francis Glass. It is in Pegasus and from 1836, and it appears to be the same copy that the original catalogue lists. It is currently in the Library Storage Facility. I also found a book called Marquis de Lafayette A Complete History by an Officer in the Army from 1846. I also found this on Pegasus, and it is currently in Deck E.

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